Katie Birchenough

Welcome to Reflective Tributes

My name is Katie Birchenough. As a Certified Funeral Celebrant living in Western North Carolina, I am honored to assist families with their ceremonial needs when a loved one has died.

What does Reflective Tributes offer a family?

Reflective Tributes offers an option for those who seek a personalized end-of-life service.

The family and I have a private meeting. This is a helpful time, giving the family the opportunity to talk about the one who has died and to remember that person’s life and their experiences together. I listen, discovering the essence of who this person was, and is, in the hearts of those remaining.

Through these stories and memories, a meaningful service is woven together through the eulogy and ceremony that emerges. I will write and deliver the eulogy unless a family member or friend is chosen to do this. Special music and poems can be chosen, photos can be gathered. Most find the process itself to be supportive...and this is what humans have done for all time—they have told stories and passed on the legacies of their beloved ones.

About Katie Birchenough

I am certified through In-Sight Institute in Oklahoma City, founded by Doug Manning, whose compassion and visionary thinking are well-known throughout the funeral world.

My previous theatre background makes this a particularly relevant endeavor, calling on my expressive abilities as well as creative and organizational skills.

Through life experience, I am able to empathize with those in need. By articulating what has heart and meaning, I am appreciated by those whose grief may eclipse their own expressive ability during this difficult time.

“ Katie Birchenough listens deeply and well:
to the rhythms of nature and to the joys and concerns
of those she comes in contact with.
Her astute and empathetic nature/spirit allows her to go to the heart of any matter with grace, wisdom and understanding.
Her desire to meet the world with acceptance
allows others to truly be themselves in her presence.
She is one of the most creative thinkers I have ever met.
Whatever she puts her thought or mark to,
will be unique, inclusive, alive and deeply felt. "
Reverend Carol Fitzgerald

Some questions you may have

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A Funeral Celebrant assists a family in creating a meaningful ceremony which reflects the life of the one they have loved and lost, and honors those living as well. Personalizing the service through stories, music, and ceremony helps a family begin to find solace, and is especially suitable for those who may not have a church affiliation. A Funeral Celebrant also acts as a liaison by communicating the family's ceremonial wishes to the Funeral Director.

Why have a Funeral Celebrant?

When a funeral feels meaningful, the significance of the loss is honored. It is important for this process to be available to all people, regardless of their religious affiliation. A Certified Funeral Celebrant can serve by presiding at a funeral, memorial service, graveside committal, or any other end-of-life service.


As a Certified Funeral Celebrant, I work through the funeral homes in the area surrounding Asheville, North Carolina. I spend several hours in preparation for a service; compensation reflecting this time and effort may be arranged through the funeral home, or by paying me directly if I am engaged as an independent contractor. Although my fees are comparable to the current market, they are also variable due to driving distances and timing.

Contact Katie Birchenough

If you feel that a Funeral Celebrant may serve your needs at this transitive time, please feel free to contact me with further questions, or ask your funeral home for the services of Reflective Tributes.

telephone: 828.628.0505